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Kite Boarding Bermuda


Kiteboarding Film & Photography 

Cinematographer: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Photographer: Nhuri Bashir
Agency: Destination Think
Client: Bermuda Tourism Authority
Talent: Laurel Eastman, Melissa Gil, Sensi Graves, Therese Taabbel


One of our favourite recurring clients to work with is the Bermuda Tourism Authority. The range and variety of their requests keeps things extremely interesting and allows us to continue working in our board shorts. This Kiteboarding video we shot in conjunction with Miles Partnership was an action packed 5 days with a team of all female professional boarders Laurel Eastman, Melissa Gil, Sensi Graves, Therese Taabbel. These gals ripped it across the island showing off some of Bermuda’s mesmerizing locations. Both teams were so much fun and easy to work with, we can’t wait for the next project with them.